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Musical scores listed below are selectable.

They can be played from your internet browser. If it's not already installed, you'll be prompted to download a free plug-in. Once that's installed, you can use the web page's slider to adjust the tempo and can use the two- flats button to transpose the piece if you like. You should be able to print the scores by clicking on the printer button on the web page.

Composer Title Instrument Yr. Composed
Frescobaldi, Girolamo Canzona SATB Recorders 1615
  Capriccio SATB Strings or Recorders  
Isaac, Heinrich Innsbruck, now I must leave thee SATB Chorus 1495
  Six Instrumental Pieces Four String or 1455
  1. Der welte fundt
  2. Tmeiskin uas iunch
  3. Helogierons nous
  4. Et ie boi d'autant
  5. Maudit soyt
  6. Instrumentalsatz ohne Titel
 Wind Instruments  
Praetorius, Michael Lo, how a rose e'er blooming SATB Chorus 1609
Rossi, Salamone Canzon SATB Recorders 1608 ?
(1570-1630) Sinfonien und Gaillarden SSATB Recorders  

Sinfonia Nr. 1 & Gagliarda "Andreasina"
Sinfonia Nr. 2 & Gagliarda "Massara"
Sinfonia Nr. 3 & Gagliarda "Norsina"
Sinfonia Nr. 4 & Gagliarda "Narciso"
Sinfonia Nr. 5 & 6
Passagio d'un balletto & Sinfoniae

or Strings  
Widmann, Erasmus Cantzon Nr. V Vn 1, 2, Vla 1, 2, Cello 1618
  Aus "Musicalischer Tudgendtspiegel" SATB Recorders 1613
  1. Margaretha
  2. Johanna
  3. Magdalena
  4. Anna
  5. Christina
  6. Sybilla
  7. Maria
  8. Dorothea
  9. Susanna
  10. Rosina
  11. Foelicitas
  12. Regina
  13. Sophia
  14. Barbara
  15. Agatha
  16. Clara
  17. Euphrosina
  18. Ursula
  19. Helena
  20. Catharina
SCA Dances      
Composer Title Instrument Yr. Composed
  Hole In The Wall Violin & Descant 1695
Arbeau, Thoinot Horse Bransle Vn or Sop. Rec with Guitar chords & tabs 1588
Lia's Practice Music      
Composer Title Instrument Yr. Composed
Bach, J.S. Minuet in G from the "Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook" Clarinet & Keyboard 1722
Mouret, Jean-Joseph Rondeau arr. Clarinet & Keyboard ca. 1729
Fain, Sammy Dear Hearts and Gentle People Voice and Keyboard 1949
arr. Van A. Christy Shenandoah Voice and Keyboard Missouri River Valley folk song