Help Documents

Help Documents for
Printer Operators and Document Creators

Remote Support Specialist Documents

KANA Knowledge Base

Adding a Fault Code Article

Formatting Fault Codes

Adding a Product Family Tag to an Article

Adding a Solution

Associating a Solution with an Article

Placing Illustrations in Articles and Solutions

Adding an Instruction Article (For example: Print Artifact) (Coming Soon)

Fault Code Matrices

TEAK (4595, 4110, 4112, 4127, D-Series Printers)

Xenith (61XX, DocuTech, DocuPrint)


iGen (iGen3, iGen4, iGen150, 8250)

Common Client Drivers:
How to Get Them, Load Them and Set Them Up


OS 9


Nuvera Help Documents

Printing Signature Booklets

InDesign half-letter Documents - Mac OS X

PDFs - Mac OS X

PDFs - MS Windows

QuarkXPress - Mac OS X

Word - MS Windows


Finisher Setup for the Nuvera and the DocuSP Printer

Mac OS9 Driver Setup

Mac OS X Driver Setup

Mounting a Nuvera Directory on your Mac OS X Workstation


OS X Drivers for CREO iGen4

Setting up a CFA Data Push from the PSIP

Miscellaneous Help Documents

Automated Print Shop Workflow Job Ticket Option

Background Forms

CentreWare: Scanning to a Mac Workstation

CentreWare: Scanning to a Windows Workstation - SMB

Creating Printable PDFs

DocuTech and 61xx Printer Fault Clearance

Duplex Printing 11 x 17" Documents

FFMR: Renewing the License File


Highlight Color Printers - Choosing the Right Colors

LPRing a Text File to FFPS (Fault Isolation)

NetAgent - Enabling

NFS Sharing a Windows Directory to a FreeFlow/DocuSP Controller


Printing Black & White PDFs Lighter or Darker

Printing a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" PDF From Your Mac to a D-series Printer as a Folded, Stitched Signature Booklet

Scanning Letter-Sized Documents and Printing Them as Booklets

Updating Your Android Cell Phone's S3 Password to Allow Continued Email Access

Mac OS

Backing Up and Restoring OS X Partitions

FreeFlow Remote Print Server for Mac: Installation: [Versions Up to Mavericks] and [El Capitan/Sierra]

Hot Folders

Mounting a DocuSP Drive on a Macintosh OS X Workstation

Mounting an OS X Drive on a DocuSP Server

Multiple Master Fonts in QuarkXPress 6.x

Preventing .DS_Store File Creation Over Network Connections

Print Subsystem Debug Logging- Enabling

QuarkXPress 6.x

QuarkXPress 7.x/OS X to PDF/X-1a

Socket Printing

Uploading test files from a Mac to the xean server

Creating Custom Ringtones for your iPhone

Instructional Movies

Mac OS X - Identifying OS Version, CPU, and RAM

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June 28, 2016