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Sharing DocuSP Drives to a Macintosh Workstation

Configuring DocuSP Drive to be Shared

At the DocuSP:

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Logon as root
  3. At the # prompt, type admintool and press your <Enter> key.
  4. In the admintool dialog select menu item Browse:Users.
  5. Select menu item Edit:Add.
  6. Add User Name: macusername.

    Add Home Directory/Path: /var/spool/shared directory

    Note: /var/spool/shared
    directory is a sample listing. I used /var/spool/tecktest.

    Exit from admintool.
  7. In the terminal window at the # prompt, type the following strings: echo "share -F nfs -o nosuid,rw /var/spool/shared directory" >> /etc/dfs/dfstab <Enter>

    /etc/init.d/nfs.server stop <Enter>

    /etc/init.d/nfs.server start <Enter>

    share <Enter>

    chmod 777 /var/spool/shared directory <Enter>

    chown macusername /var/spool/shared directory <Enter>

    exit <Enter> (to exit from the root user account)

    exit <Enter> (to close the terminal window)

Mounting Shared Drive on Mac OS 9 Workstation

At the Macintosh OS 9 Workstation:

Browse to, download a trial version of MacNFS and see if this solution is appropriate for your work path. If it is, arrange to purchase this utility from their website.

We've tested this only at a cursory level. This utility is a suggested remedy, is not the sole remedy and is not supported or officially recommended by Xerox Corp.

Mounting Shared Drive on Mac OS X Workstation

At the Macintosh OS X workstation:

  1. Click on Finder menu choice Go.
  2. Select Connect to Serverů
  3. Complete the Address field by typing nfs://###.###.###.###/var/spool/shared directory

    Note: ###.###.###.### represents the ip address of DocuSP whose hard drive you wish to mount and /var/spool/shared directory is the same directory you listed in At the DocuSP: step 3. I used /var/spool/tecktest when I set up my nfsmount.

    Make sure that there are no spaces in the line you type into the Address field.
  4. Click on the [Connect] button.

    The mounted drive's icon should appear on your desktop.

Written by Norman Teck
Updated March 13, 2004