NFS Sharing a Windows Directory to a DocuSP 5.x DFE

If you wish use NFS Share to make a directory of a Windows workstation viewable and accessible to the Copy to File and Print From File utilities of your Nuvera,

  1. Obtain a 3rd party NFS Server utility (for example, with a 30-day free trial and a one-time license fee of $24.
  2. Follow instructions to grant appropriate rights to appropriate users.

    This process provides the mechanism that allows you to share directories with other network nodes.
  3. The next step is to make sure these shared directories are visible to the FreeFlow/DocuSP host.
  4. Temporarily, or for testing purposes:

    Open a UNIX terminal window
  5. Log on as root user
  6. At the # prompt, type:
    mount -F nfs #.#.#.#:/c/sharedfolderpath/sharedfolder /mnt <Enter>

    (read as ip address, colon, slash, drive letter, slash, path, slash, directory, space, slash, m n t)

    This mounts the Windows workstation with the ip address of #.#.#.# (put the Windows workstations actual ip address here instead of the #.#.#.# characters) and with the folder located on that workstation at c:\sharedfolderpath\sharedfolder (actual Windows directory folder names) to the default mount point on the FreeFlow DFE of /mnt.
    If your Windows NFS Server software is properly configured, you should now be able to see the shared directory in your Print From File utility as a UNIX file system if you navigate to /mnt.

    If it doesn't work, check your Step c syntax. If it still doesn't work, check your NFS Server configuration.
  7. If it does work and you wish to make this a permanent mount point, perform the following tasks.
  8. Back up your FreeFlow/DocuSP's /etc/vfstab file
  9. Create a new mount point, keeping the default /mnt free for future uses.
  10. In order to create a mount point called rfiles, type: cd / <Enter>
  11. Type: mkdir rfiles <Enter>.

Use dtpad to modify the /etc/vfstab file to add a new entry with the following values:

  device to mount: #.#.#.#: /c/sharedfolderpath / sharedfolder ( ip address colon slash drive letter slash directory path slash shared directory)
  device to fsck: - (actually enter a dash)
  mount point: /rfiles  
  FS type: nfs (use lower case letters)
  fsck pass: -  
  mount at boot: yes  
  mount options: bg,soft,vers=3 (no spaces)

Avoid using spaces in file and folder names.

Created by Norman A. Teck
November 8, 2007