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How to Enable Debug Logging For Your OS X Workstation's Print Subsystem

  1. Open a Terminal session (Applications/Utilities/Terminal
  2. At the terminal window prompt, type sudo vi /etc/cups/cupsd.conf   <Enter> to open the cupsd.conf file in a text editor
  3. Enter administrator password at  the  prompt and the text editor will open
  4. Type  /debug  < Enter > (this  searches for the word ‘debug’, 
  5. Look for the line LogLevel info
  6. Use the arrow keys to  place the cursor on the letter i in info on the line LogLevel info
  7. Type cwEnter > (info disappears) 
  8. Type debug  < Enter > to insert the letters debug after LogLevel
  9. Hit  the  <esc >  key to exit the edit mode.
  10. Type :wq!  <Enter>  (to exit and save the file) .
  11.  Type sudo killall -HUP cupsd  < Enter > (this will restart the print subsystem).
  12. Type exit  < Enter > (this will close the session) 
  13. Hold down the  key as you type the letter Q or use your mouse to click on  File/Quit from the Terminal window to exit the application 
  14. From any application, open a document and print it.   This produces more information in the log file which will be valuable.   
  15. Bring the Finder to the front and from the Go menu select Go to Folder... and enter /var/log/cups 
  16. Send the error.log file
  17. To turn this off, follow steps 1-7 above and then for step #8, substitute info for debug so the line reads LogLevel info.

Created by Norman A. Teck
May 8, 2006