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Printing Multiple Master Fonts from QuarkXPress 6.x
on OS X.3 and Higher

Problem Description

When trying to print from QuarkXPress 6.5 on a Macintosh running OS X.3 or later, documents containing Multiple Master fonts generate PostScript errors and won't print.

QuarkXPress is unable to manage Multiple Master font locations and font calls and printers' PostScript level 3 interpreters would be instructed to look in the wrong place for printing resources, generating a PostScript error and a print abort.


Robert Zacherl of IMPRESSED GmbH in Hamburg, Germany posted a message to that says his company offers a modification of your PPD file that forces QuarkXPress to process Multiple Master fonts properly. (I've tried it and it works!)

Robert's message directed users to send as many as 2 PPD files (PostScript Printer Description file, a helper file that lets your print command know what paper sizes, finishing options, etc. are native to your printer model) for your printers, convert them to .sit or .hqx files (not .sea files) and email them as attachments to him at He will modify your PPDs and email them back to you.

Once you've received the modified PPDs, follow the directions below to enable QuarkXPress to print your documents. This modification will not affect how your other applications print.

This modification is the result of the work and research of the engineers at Impressed GmbH who are the sole distributors of this modification. You are not licensed to apply this modification to other PPDs or to distribute their PPDs to other people.

To install the modified PPD

  1. Unstuff the file.
  2. Copy the PPD to your
    hard drive:Library:Printers:PPDs:Contents:Resources:en.lproj
  3. Open your Printer Setup Utility.
  4. Select the printer you wish to modify.
  5. Click on the Show Info icon in the utility's tool bar to open the Printer Info window.
  6. Click on the scroll bar to the right of Name & Location to open a drop-down menu.
  7. Click on Printer Model to show the current PPD information.
  8. Click on the scroll bar to the right of the current PPD and scroll down to the modified PPD for your printer. It will have the word mod at the end of its name.
  9. Click on the [Apply Changes] button and close the Printer Setup Utility.

To apply these changes to QuarkXPress

  1. Open QuarkXPress.
  2. Click on the menu bar choice: Utilities to open a drop-down menu.
  3. Click on PPD Managerů to open its control panel.
  4. If you see the modified PPD in the list shown in the top window, make sure there is a check mark next to it in the Include column so that QuarkXPress can use it to write PostScript code. (Both the QuarkXPress application and the system drivers are used to convert the application document to PostScript code for the printer).
  5. If you do not see the modified PPD in the top window, use the [Selectů] button to browse to the directory that contains the modified PPD.

    NOTE: If you haven't already done so, this is your opportunity to get rid of all of the printer models you DON'T use but that appear in your QuarkXPress setup window. If you remove the checkmarks from the printer models you don't use, you won't have to see them in the Print dialog.
  6. When you're ready to print, select File: Print.
  7. Select Setup on the control bar in the Print dialog.
  8. Click on the scroll bar to the right of the Printer Description field and select the modified PPD from the drop-down list.
  9. Program the remainder of your print specifications as you normally would.
  10. Select your modified printer in the [Page Setupů] and [Printerů] dialogs.

    Your QuarkXPress document with Multiple Master fonts should print.

Created by Norman A. Teck
October 19, 2005