KANA Enterprise Documentation Process

Creating a Fault Code Article for KANA

  1. Click on the indigo icon that looks like dog-eared paper with an exclamation point on it to open a new Trouble Shooting input form.
  2. Click in the Title field
  3. Type in Fault Code followed by a space, the fault code, a colon (:), a space, and the fault code description.
  4. Click on the Additional Metadata tab.
  5. Use the KANA Excel Spreadsheet tool to format the input for the Fault Code field. Enter your formatted codes.
  6. * <Ctrl> drag your fault code description to the Message Text field.
  7. Click on the Tags tab
  8. Input the products to which your article applies
  9. In the Knowledge Type field, select Fault Code
  10. Use the search tool on the top right of the screen to search for existing solutions.
  11. When you find each one, click on the blue [Reuse] button and then on As public information link.
  12. If necessary, add new solutions (another article)
  13. Click on blue [Save as KCS Draft] button.
  14. Note that you’ve created an article and have attached solutions, and click on the blue [Confirm] button