KANA Enterprise Documentation Process

Illustrating Solutions

Create or Locate an Appropriate Illustration

Create Illustration to be Used in § Image Gallery

If you're capturing a screen image from a Windows-based PC, the Snipping Tool is a versatile built-in Windows accessory. If you're capturing graphics on a Mac, <Shift><Cmd><4> will allow you to click and drag across the area you wish to select for a graphic capture: <Shift><Cmd><3> will capture the whole screen; and <Shift><Cmd><4><Space bar> will allow you to select a window by mousing over the window you want, and by clicking on it to take a picture of it, putting the picture on your desktop.

Locate Illustration to be Used in § Insert From URL

  1. Click on the Insert from URL tab to begin the process of uploading images from a website.
  2. Open a separate window in your browser and navigate to the site that contains the image you wish to embed in your solution.

    Note: Please be careful to obtain permission from the image provider and avoid copyright violations.
  3. Right-click on the image you wish to use for your solution and obtain the URL specifically for the image.

    Note: You don't want to embed an entire web page. Make sure you have the URL for the image you want by typing that URL into the address bar of your browser. If you see only the image, you've entered the correct URL. If you haven't, you'll need to find out that image's URL.

Inserting the Image in Your Solution

  1. Click on the pencil icon to edit the solution.
  2. Click on the blue [Confirm] button.
  3. Click on the blue [Insert Image] button to open the Add Image window which offers you the choice of an Image Gallery and Insert from URL

The Easy Way

  1. Open your image in the appropriate image-viewing software like paintbrush (Run: pbrush or Snipping Tool).
  2. <Ctrl> <a> to select all of it.
  3. <Ctrl> <c> to copy it.
  4. Create those three blank lines as I mentioned in § Locate Illustration... above and place your cursor on the middle line of the three you created.
  5. <Ctrl> <v> to place the image, left-justified, on that line.

Image Gallery

  1. Click on the Image Gallery tab to begin the process of uploading images you've created or have stored from your own workstation.
  2. Click on the [Choose Image] button to open the Upload a file window.
  3. Click on the [Browse...] button and navigate to where you've stored an image you've created.
  4. Click on your image file to highlight it.
  5. Click on the [Open] button to register the illustration with the KANA editor and click on the [Confirm] button.
  6. Enter a title for your illustration, anything you like, and click on the blue [Upload] button to place the image in your Image Gallery.
  7. Locate your newly-uploaded image in the image library and highlight it.

    Note: You can verify that you have selected the correct image (sometimes they look alike) by checking the Image Title on the right side of the Add Image screen.
  8. Click on the blue [Insert Image] button. to place the image at the bottom of your document

Insert From URL

  1. Once you've established that you have the correct URL, paste the URL into the Image URL field on the Insert from URL tab, and click on the blue [Insert Image] button.

Repositioning and Sizing the Illustration in your Solution

  1. Create the space before you attempt to position your image within that space. Click at the end of the paragraph where you wish to place the illustration and then, while holding down your <Shift> key, tap your <Enter> key three times. Using this method, you can create the space in the middle of a numbered list without incrementing the numbers.
  2. Hold down your <Alt> key and drag the image so that the small black vertical line indicates that you're placing the image where you want it. When you release your mouse button, the image will appear.
  3. Resize the image by hovering over a corner or an dege until your pointer becomes a double-headed arrow. Unfortunately, there are no key-mouse combinations to force the X-Y aspect ratio to remain the same.
  4. Align the image by right-clicking on it to open a drop-down menu.
  5. Mouse-over the word Alignment, and select Left, Center, or Right alignment as suits your layout needs.

Created by Norman A. Teck
April 5, 2016