KANA Enterprise Documentation Process

Creating a Solution for KANA

  1. In the left sidebar, click on the orange icon that looks like a Rolodex® card and says Solution on mouse-over. This will open a Solution entry form.
  2. In the Title field, enter a concise title that sums up your solution. Don't enter the fault code. Focus upon the action you will be describing.
  3. Note the tabs just under the Title field. Public Information is for information that can safely be shared with the end-user customer. If your solution is aimed at the operator, enter your steps in the large field and use the tools to format your information to clarify the steps for the person for whom you are writing the article. If the steps are sequential, when you've finished typing them in, click and drag across all of the steps, and then click on the icon in the tool bar that will convert your steps into a numbered or bulleted list.
  4. I'm still pursuing a remark in the original KANA Enterprise training module that said not to use illustrations or Private Information. I believe that those cautions are aimed at newly-minted RSSes who are working exclusively with end-user customers. With that said, I am (until told otherwise) suggesting that the Private Information tab be used to document hints aimed toward CSEs. Include your own personal hints as well as references to specific EDOC RAPS.
  5. Proceed to the Tags tab, make sure that your Product field is marked to contain the same products as your problem statement article, or the solution won't appear in your search. You won't be able to link your solution to the problem statement, and you'll have to go back into Edit mode to add the product.
  6. When you've finished entering the information and before you click on the [Save As KCS Draft] button, click and drag across the Title, and copy it to your Windows clipboard. Being able to search for this article, once it's saved, will be a lot easier if your looking for the properly-worded title. It will make it a lot easier to link it to your problem statement article.
  7. Click on the blue [Save As KCS Draft] button to save your solution into the KANA Enterprise database.
  8. Next step: Linking your solution to the problem statement article