Monochrome Printers

Setting up Finishing Devices

Device Setup

  1. Select the Printer Manager icon on the left side of the printer's display screen.
  2. Select the Finishing tab to open the Finishing dialog.
  3. Click on the [Device Setup…] button on the bottom right corner of the Finishing dialog to open the Device Setup window.
  4. Right-click within the Device Setup window to open a menu list.
  5. Click on New… to open a Device Profile input form.
  6. Enter your device profile name, timings, output direction, order and rotation settings.
  7. Click on the [OK] button to save the Device Profile and to return you to the Device Setup window.
  8. Click on the [Close] button to close the Device Setup window.

Finisher Setup

  1. Right-click in the External Finishers window (bottom half of the screen) to open a menu list.
  2. Click on New… to open a Finisher dialog.
  3. Enter a Name for your Finishing Device.
  4. Use the scroll bar next to the Type field to locate the Device you created in by following the instructions in the first section of this document.
  5. Click on [OK] to save the changes and to close the Device dialog.
  6. Click on the Online field of the  Device now appearing in the External Finishers list and select Online to put your device on line.
  7. Right-click on the Status field of the Device and select Enabled to make your finishing device ready for use.

Set up a queue that will use your device

  1. Select the Queue Manager to open the queue listing
  2. Right-click in the window to open a menu list.
  3. Click on New… to open a new queue dialog.
  4. Provide a queue name.
  5. Click on the Output tab to open the output dialog.
  6. Click on the Stapling / Finishing button to open the Finishing dialog.
  7. Click on the scroll arrow to the right of the Stapling / Finishing field to open a menu list.
  8. Click on Booklet Maker and slide your mouse to the right to open a menu list.
  9. Select the Finisher you created in section 2 of these instructions so that jobs sent to this queue are directed to this finisher.

Note: Screen captures of this process for the Nuvera and finishing device profiles for the Nuvera are available for the Xerox Customer Support Engineer in the HGS Menu: Installation and Option Kits: In-Line Finishing DFA Resource Guide

Created by Norman A. Teck
December 5, 2005