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Renewing the FFMR License

Obtaining the FFMR MAC address

  1. Open a LogMeIn session
  2. Have customer open their FFMR browser to http://www.xerox.com/rescue
  3. Provide your customer the 6 digit code and instruct them to install and allow the connectivity plug-ins.
  4. Once you've established connectivity, Click on the Windows Start icon on the bottom left corner of the FFMR screen, and from the pop-up window, click on Run.
  5. In the Run window, type cmd and then tap your <Enter> key to open a DOS window on the FFMR.
  6. In the FFMR DOS window, type getmac and tap your <Enter> key. The utility will list the FFMR MAC addresses for you.

Obtaining the FFMR Renewal dat File and Placing on the FFMR Desktop

  1. On your PWS workstation, open your browser to http://www.xrxgsn.com.
  2. Place the FFMR serial number or its MAC address (numbers and letters only. No spaces, dashes, or colons), and click on the green Search button at the top of the screen.
  3. When you see the search screen, again enter the serial number or MAC address in the search field, select the Yes radio button for XDSS/WBLT License and click on the red Search Now button.
  4. If the dat file is outdated, call the Licensing center to have them post an up-to-date file. Otherwise, copy the target file to your PWS desktop.
  5. In your LogMeIn panel, select the Send File icon, browse to your PWS desktop file, select the dat file and click on the Open button.
  6. Navigate to the customer's FFMR Desktop folder and place the dat file there.

Installing/Activating the FFMR Renewal License File

  1. Exit any running FreeFlow applications running on the customer's FFMR.
  2. Click on the FFMR Start button and select Run from the pop-up menu.
  3. In the Run window, type licensetool and tap your <Enter> key to open the FreeFlow License Tool window.
  4. Click on the [Next>] button, read the warning, and click on the [OK] button. to be shown current licensing information.
  5. In the FreeFlow License Tool window, click on the [Add license from dat file...] button, navigate to the FFMR Desktop, and select the dat file you placed there in step 6 of the previous section.

    You'll see the new Expiration date.
  6. Restart the FreeFlow Make Ready software.

Created by Norman A. Teck
June 27, 2016